Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Divorce #3

My third marriage has finally come to an end - legally that is.  It’s actually been over for a long time and so there really isn’t much to celebrate, or to mourn for that matter.  It started with high hopes that perhaps I’d finally found a real partner; someone who would be on my side, support me, help me reach for my dreams and love me for who I am.  That didn’t happen, not even close - even as I worked to be that kind of partner for her.  I would have been content with just the basics; love, respect, honesty and commitment.  Sadly, I didn’t get those things either.  I poured an awful lot of love, understanding, forgiveness and effort into saving this marriage, but it takes effort from both people to make any relationship work.  In the end there really wasn’t anything there to save - looking back now with the perspective of time and emotional distance, I’m not sure there ever was.....

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