Thursday, September 8, 2016

Our Trip to Portugal Part II

The first night at the beach called Porto de Mos (Lagos) was chilly and we ate al fresco at a place with few veg options.
But we enjoyed each other's company.

For our first full day on the coast we walked the beach and checked out the options for fun in the surf. We made reservations for a kayak tour the next day through the caves.

We also went on a big shopping trip to a cool Portuguese supermarket called Pingo Doce.
Lots of fresh produce and we were thrilled to find seitan and tofu!

That night we made a huge home cooked meal. Group effort!

On Monday we set off for the caves in double kayaks.  We loved the caves but the trip was messy and wet so we decided to go back with a different kind of tour so we could take photos.

On Tuesday, Randy was not feeling very well, so Debbie walked the beach and took some cool pictures.  Randy rested up and was a real trooper for the rest of the day/week!

In the afternoon we set off for Faro and a boat trip to the most southern point of Portugal and several traditional fishing villages where the kids are sent to school via boat.

After the trip we headed for Albufera to check out Didi Cafe, another veg restaurant.

Got there late, but it is a hopping tourist town.  Had a good dinner and took home a vegan croissant to share with the others.  YUM!

On Wed. we took another trip back to the Grottos, this time with a sail boat and motor boat combo. Gorgeous views:

Went back to Lagos for dinner with Ingrid and Howie.  "More than Fries was the place and wow was that yummy!

On Thursday we walked on the beach and after that we went back to Albufiera with Ingrid and Howie.

On Friday, we took another boat trip, this time to look for dolphins and with the help of a wonderful Portuguese water dog named Zuka: we got to see many beautiful dolphins.

On Friday evening we cooked up the last of the food and had a feast.

Saturday was clear out day and we got an early start heading back to Lisbon.
We were able to spend a few more hours in this beautiful city and found a really nice botanical garden to explore.

We walked over to Terra for dinner and enjoyed the city scape along the way.

We spent our last night in Portugal at a very nice hotel near the airport.  The floor to ceiling window in our room afforded us a lovely view of the eastern side of Portugal and we enjoyed a gorgeous sunrise on Sunday morning.

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