Friday, June 13, 2014

Randall & Debbie’s California Vacation, Part IV

Randall & Debbie’s California Vacation, Part IV

Mendocino and Redwoods

Heading north from the SF Bay area we stayed on 101 until Cloverdale and then took the twisty/windy 128 up to the coast.  Yes, we know we mostly bypassed wine country - we did stop at a winery but it wasn't the focus of our trip.  

We explored the Russian Gulch State Park just north of Mendocino - another beautiful location.  

We stayed at another Airbnb - a small cabin in someone's yard.  It was a nice experience even though there was no room for our suitcases.  For dinner we went to The Ravens which is an upscale vegan restaurant associated with the Stanford Inn - a vegan resort.  The food was wonderful!  We returned the next day for a great breakfast.  Mendocino is a small town right on the ocean with lots of artists.  We walked along the beach, which is right near the main street.  

It was a morning with lots of fog/mist over the shore and this made for some nice photography on our drive.  

Next we turned inland and hit the Avenue of the Giants - Redwood country!  We stopped at various places to walk among and shoot these beautiful trees.

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