Tuesday, January 29, 2013

20 years gone...

It's hard to believe it but my father passed away 20 years ago. He was 79 years old, which is pretty good for someone who had cancer in his youth and many other health challenges along the way. This year is the centenary of his birth. Vincent (Vincenzo and sometimes Jimmy) Collura was born August 21st 1913 in Pittston PA the oldest son of Onofrio and Maria (Alba) Collura.

Vincent as a boy

Recently, my cousin sent me links to some wonderful old family photos. Here is my father with his mom and siblings taken in the mid 1930s - his father died in a coal mine accident about 10 years before this photo was taken:

Collura family

This photo was taken in the same location as one I had restored a while ago. Vincent is on his uncle Jimmy Alba's shoulders.

Jimmy & Vincent

My dad spent a fair amount of time exercising and trying to keep healthy.

Vincent standing

He met my mother in the 1940's. Here is an early photo of them together with my Aunt Teresa:

Teresa, Vincent & Muriel

They were married in 1945:

Wedding Vincent & Muriel

Vincent worked in the coal mines in Pennsylvania when he was young but later became a barber. Here he is in his barber shop in South Fallsburg NY:

Barber shop

Here he is with the heavyweight champion Rocky Marciano:

With Rocky

Here he is towards the end of his life with me:

With me

I guess I will always miss my dad - after 20 years I still think about him a lot. He touched many lives in that barber shop, telling people about healthy eating or selling them vitamins. I hope to post more about my dad as his centenary year continues. Cheers!

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